How we built surfclub

At the very beginning it was just a dream

The dream to build own port for surfing on our beloved Domaša. We used to go for many years to Domasa, but we still lacked facilities that are essential for water sports.

It was not easy...

To transform the vision to the project, collect some money for the construction and start construction work. It costed a lot of effort.

There was much work

Surfclub was build step by step, and is gradually developing further. The main driver is the enthusiasm and volunteering of club members. Therefore, we try to always improve and offer a higher quality of services for water sportsmen, students and members of the club.

...too much work

Much work we made o is not visible at first sight. Landscaping, drainage and consolidation was a absolutely necessary condition for further work.

But it was growing

After some time, nobody would say that, that once there will by shipyard, made of these marine shipping containers. We had limited resources so we had to involve a lot of imagination and produce a number of good ideas and effective solutions.

Aj vďaka tým správnym ľuďom

We managed to make from Surfclub what it is now, because of the commitment, suppor, and endurance of its members. One of them is Jozef Pollák, who support Surfclub and still give a lot of effort and time.

Well, as the wind started to blow, we could not resist

We switched hard work with sport.

We sacrificed weekends and free time

Many of the members are actively involved and are still involved and contribute their work and in their free time.

Years of honest work made sense thanks to all who supported us

But there is still space for improvement. You can help us too and make the Surfclub perfect place for sport and relaxation.

You can also support us with donation or 2 percent of taxes, or membership in Surfclub.  How?

Ďakujeme za podporu Mestu Košice a Slovenskému zväzu jachtingu.

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