Windsurfing spot on Velka domasa


Let us introduce our beautiful sport, sailing, as well as our home base, which is Surfclub Domasa, Holcikovce.

Dear friends!

I’m a big lover of nature, water, wind, friends and adventure. Sailing and windsurfing is the key to it all, it fulfils my passion and desire.

Our good friend Dusan describes it beautifully in his unique work called ”My personal experience with prehistoric sailing in Eastern Slovakia” (I recommend to read it), quote: The sailing journey all the way from Cadet, through Moth, Finn, ending up in sailing and windsurfing, where competing is mixed with children’s couching and working in jury - those are the most precious moments of my life.

Sailing has opened many doors to long-lasting friendship and is still the turning point in spending my free time, including my whole family and our dog Ajka. When we start to pack before the weekend, I look her in the eyes and see what we all feel: finally we are going out again!
Sailing has become a lifestyle for us and we are really proud of it.

Palo Lopuchovský
commodore of the club

Who we are, where we are coming from, what our aim is.

We are a community of diverse people, different by profession, but with the same love of sport, water and spending the evenings together filled with never-ending planning and discussions. Check out www.sailing.sk, where you can find the list of all the members, registration numbers, the latest ranking of individuals as well as other clubs. (ATU Kosice has been one of the best clubs in Slovakia throughout the years).

There has been 50 years tradition of competing, organising local and international competitions, youth and students training camps by Technical University in Kosice (ATU KE) – water sports unit.

Starting in 1957, it included canoeing – slalom and sprint, and also recreational canoeing. At the beginning of 80s, the water sports club of Technical University expanded by the addition of a new sport – windsurfing. In 2000, the original canoeing and sailing club transformed into new unit and split into 2 clubs, the sailing club and the canoeing club. Most of the members of these 2 clubs are either University students, or those who graduated there. It has created a vast member base in close cooperation with the Department of physical education.

The structural leadership of the sailing club has given us numerous achievements:

  • The club has been one of the best in sailing in Slovakia throughout the years
  • Patrik Pollak – our club member was nominated 3 times to Olympic Games (Atlanta, Sydney, Beijing) and he is a World champion in Raceboard class – www.svk1.com
  • Dusan Vanicky – is a member of international jury and the head of national jury in Slovakia
  • Alksnevicius Gedrius – national head coach (www.sailing.sk)
  • There are several winners in Slovak Championship every year in the club
  • The are trained coaches for sailing and water sports in the club
  • The club organises summer camps for children and youth focusing on sailing, windsurfing and other water sports
  • The club provides the training possibilities for the members of other clubs, such as Metropol Kosice, Jachtklub Sobrance
  • The Slovak sailing union has granted a status of youth training centre to our club with it’s centre next to Domasa dam

Support the right thing and donate us

Why should I support the Surfclub Domasa?

  • help people who are trying to build Surfclub Domasa from their own resources
  • Create place for leisure and sports activities in a pleasant environment for you and your children (Domasa is just a few km from Kosice)
  • You can be a member and learn, for example, windsurf free
  • Support the development of water sports and tourism in a beautiful location Velka Domasa
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Ďakujeme za podporu Mestu Košice a Slovenskému zväzu jachtingu.

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