Winter Camp Ukraine - Dragobrat

Week camp for university students with guidance of certified instructors in skiing and snowboarding in the Ukrainian resort Dragobrat

After the project conference in Uzhgorod, we went to the final ski event in the ski resort Dragobrat.

The road to Dragobrat was long. For about 300 kilometers we passed Transcarpathian to the south to the source of the river Tisa on the level of the Romanian-Transilvanian Alps. We were able to see the color of the country, the beauty of Ukrainian nature, as well as lack of infrastructure, with major socio-economic contrasts and unfortunately also shortcomings in the ecology.

After arrival to the resort Dragobrat we had to switch the  buses to heavy off-road vehicles. Only these vehicles can handle the road up to the resort. Ride on these cars was adrenaline for all.

The was perfecte weather at the resort Dragobrat. Several hotels in the snowy nature. Participants were staying in different places and met together in the common restaurant.

The event was again attended by 32 students from Ukrainian and Slovak schools, and this time also with students from Norway. There were also a complete new faces, but also friends who attended one of the previous events.

The first days of skiing was the weather ideal fot sporters. There were perfect conditions for everyone. Slopes full of snow for complete beginners and also for very experienced skiers and snowboarders. 

The snow and landscapes were  really pretty, fresh powder was ideal for freeride-s drive. One of Slovak participants noted that he had the opportunity to ski in many places in the world, but as good as here, he never skied.

After sport program the participants had good meal and relax in joint activities and evening entertainment. At the end of the event there were  announcement of results and award certificates.

Youth of the three countries got to know Dragobrat and upgraded their skills in snowboard and ski. While organizers reviewed the cooperation within the past two years, thanks to more than 300 students could got to know new places, got advanced in summer and winter sports and travel abroad. Students from Norway, Ukraine and Slovakia had fun and play sports.

Staying in the Ukrainian Dragobrat, the trip itself, getting to know the country, the beautiful scenery, long waits at the border crossing, Ukrainian contrasts and differences, the life of ordinary people and small care of ecology.. That all was for us and Norwegian topic for reflection and experience.
Many of the participants have been asking questions how to get this situation improved and how to help modify people's stereotypes. Surely it is one of the starting communication, recognition, breaking barriers and inspire each other with good solutions, repesct the nature and sense of ecology. And these were also the goals of our project.

Project events end, but we all believe that the cooperation just began. We crossed the borders and started to overcome the differences in us.


Ďakujeme za podporu Mestu Košice a Slovenskému zväzu jachtingu.

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