Meeting of organizers and trainers in UKRAINE

When planning the next sports event for students, we considered several options.  Together with our Ukrainian partner, we finally decided on a week cycle-event in the Ukrainian Zakarpattia Region. There were more reasons. Since the main idea was to get to know as much as possible about Ukraine and experience the atmosphere of the surrounding area, we considered the bicycle journey across the country as an ideal way. So we decided to organize week-long cycle-event for Slovak and Ukrainian students.

Before particular stay there was held workshop for organizers and trainers associated with the training. We looked over the routes together and planned program for students for the next camp.
We discussed about plan of the event and tried to create the most interesting program for students.

Ukrainian Zakarpattia offers beautiful nature, beautiful scenery and many interesting bike routes. Another important fact is the proximity of Košice and Uzhhorod, partner cities of the project, and our goal was to show that the linkage of these towns can be much more effective by bicycle than by car. Just cycling makes it possible to pass through the land, and feel it all over the body, not to wait at border crossings and overcome distances enjoyable way. In this manner, it is possible to be in Uzhhorod from Košice in less than three hours.

Some participants tested a route Košice - Čierna nad Tisou - Boťany - Ptrukša - Slemenec - Uzhhorod. They took the train with separate bicycle-traincar from Košice to Čierna nad Tisou and from there continued lowland paths through primeval alluvial forests, through an interesting bridge over the river Latorica, to the village Pstruša and to the border crossing Slemenec.
From there it is only about half an hour to Uzhhorod, where you can see pretty much and where, for example, you can get good coffee. We rode mostly on the pleasant forest paths and unfrequented asphalt roads.

The result of this meeting of project coordinators and trainers was next event Cycling Tour Ukraine, which had a great response among the participants.

Ďakujeme za podporu Mestu Košice a Slovenskému zväzu jachtingu.

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