Exploring eastern Slovakia and Košice

Part of the project conference at Lesanka near the Lake Ruzin were also exploring the surrounding Kosice, eastern Slovakia. Within a short time we wanted to show our project partners as much as possible.

We took a bus from Lesanka and went towards the Spiš Castle. Along the way the participants could see the local towns and villages, countryside and beautiful nature. We stopped in Spišský castle and went to the characteristic Spisska Kapitula. Participants enjoyed beautiful view of the castle and the dominant nature of Branisko. We stopped and took a break in Levoca and explored its streets.

The sightseeing program included the visit of Kosice. We tried to show our partners the city of Košice and the life in it. Košice won the 2016 title European City of Sport 2016. At that time the city had also many pro sporting activities to attract the largest possible number of inhabitants of all generations, but also the visitors.

We made also a stop in Kosice at the highschool on Srobarova street. Where was our delegation warmly welcomed.


Ďakujeme za podporu Mestu Košice a Slovenskému zväzu jachtingu.

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