Exploring of Uzhgorod it´s surroundings

The part of program of cycle-stay in Ukraine was also exploring the surrounding countryside and the city Uzhhorod itself. 

Uzhhorod is a town in western Ukraine on the river Uh. It is the center of the Zakarpattia Oblast and has approximately 150,000 inhabitants. Culture and education have in Uzhhorod a rich tradition. It is home to several museums, theater and since 1945 the university – project‘s partnership university. The town is an important transport crossroads of Mukachevo, Chop, Košice and Užok. It can be seen here a lot of architectural monuments of various time periods.

Only few of Slovak participants have ever visited this town while the distance from the border with Slovakia is only about 5 km. Uzhhorod is far from Košice approximately 100km.

Many times we set out from our base camp - Hotel Dubky - to Uzhhorod on bikes. It was adventure for everyone. Exploring the town by bikes is very efficient and discovering different corners has its charm. The big advantage is that one can manage to go through much more than when walking on foot.  So we were cycling along the streets of Uzhhorod and soaked up the atmosphere. At the bank of river we sat down for a beer and talked about local life in Uzhhorod, inquired, compared.

We have also visited dominant of Uzhhorod - Uzhhorod Castle, standing on 30 meters high volcanic hill with a museum and several expositions. There is an open-air museum of folk architecture near the castle.

A part of exploring of the surrounding was the visit of a unique church – Horianska rotunda St. Anna of XII. century. It is significant for its unique frescoes, which were created by Italian and Tyrolean masters in XIV. century.

We have also visited the local water park in Uzhhorod within post-sport convalescence , which is interesting for its pools with non-chlorine water. We were also pleasantly surprised by the night Uzhhorod and its offers.

Uzhhorod pleasantly surprised us all. It is a town that offers many attractions which are worth to visit and explore.

Ďakujeme za podporu Mestu Košice a Slovenskému zväzu jachtingu.

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