Project Conference at Hotel Lesanka - Slovakia

Project conference with international participation was held in a pleasant, surrounded by nature Hotel Lesanka near Košice.  

The conference was initiated by Pavol Lopuchovský, project manager for the Slovak side. He presented project International partnership youth sport, yacht club Akademik of Technical University of Košice, showed very interesting the history of waterman and watermanship in Slovakia.   

The very interesting lectures of Norwegian partners were following. At first, Trond Oskard talked us about the history and principles of Barents Sports. The aim of the organization is to participate in sports activities as much as possible young people from Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia and so to contribute to the diminishing of the political, cultural and social barriers.

Later, his colleague Mona Lisa Skipnes was  talking about the next upcoming event Barents Sports - Summer Games in Bodo 2017, which will take place at beginning of September.

Following Norwegian lecture was for all experience. The young Norwegian students had prepared an interesting presentation about Norway, Norwegian customs and life. They informed us very  playfully and friendly how things work in Norway. We learned a lot of interesting things about their school, focused on forestry.

Next lecturer was Ukrainian Olena Dulo, who spoke on topic Sport and health from the perspective of doctor and physiotherapist. It was a very interesting lecture about how the sport acts on modern man and how important it is to live actively.

Furthermore Larisa presented the Zakarpattia Oblast and all sports that are possible to do in this region. She also introduced Dragobrat, the place where the last winter event of the project would later took place.

The Slovak side was represented with lecture of Branko Bugorčík of waterman club Kamikse, who presented the activities of the club, water sports and a list of participants with night orienteering race, which took place the following day at a nearby water reservoir Ružín

Next lecturer was Jozef Pollák, father and coach of participant of the Olympic Games Patrik Pollák. Jozef spoke about the history and about how it is like to train the world surfer. He continued with great motivational lecture which had been set up by his son Patrick. He spoke, for example, how it is possible, even from Slovakia where the conditions for windsurfing are little limited, to compete with the global competitors from coastal countries, who can train at sea at any time.

The term of the conference was not random.November 17th is Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day, day of the year 1989, when students, mainly of Prague universities, openly opposed the communist totalitarian regime in our country, in the former Czechoslovakia. Nor it is a coincidence, since students went to the streets in honor of the International Day of Students, which commemorates the tragic victims of students in 1939 under the fascist occupation of Czech. Then, on November 17th, died student of medicine of Charles University in Prague, Ján Opletal, another victim of a monstrous totalitarian regime – fascism. Also, thanks to these victims and activities we can enjoy freedom with its conveniences today.  Students with their natural revolt, enthusiasm and desire to seek equitable society should guarantee a better future world.

Following day the conference program continued with sports and cultural activities.

Ďakujeme za podporu Mestu Košice a Slovenskému zväzu jachtingu.

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Supported by a grant from Norway through the Norway Grants.