Summer Camp 1.

A week of water sports training for the university students under the guidance of certified instructors in the resort Surfclub Domaša - Holčíkovce.

After successful winter events was held the first mutual summer event  - Summer camp 1, right in our center - Surfclub Domaša. In addition to Slovakia - Ukrainian participation we were honored by the visit of the representatives of the Norwegian project partner. Norwegian representatives had in addition to the common program a special program, because this was their first time in Slovakia.

Summer Camp officially began after the arrival of Ukrainian students, coaches and organizers to Domaša. At sunset we solemnly opened the week camp together.

The very next day the students acquianted with the individual sports and sport equipment. Trainers explained them the basics of boating rules and instructed the individual sports. Students tried out and learned sports like windsurfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing and were inducted into the world of yachting. Special thanks for excellent cooperation with boating club Kamiksee who intensely devoted to young boaters.

In addition to daily sporting activities on the water there were some other common actions. Participants were discovering the surroundings of Domaša, played volleyball tournaments, took part in cultural and accompanying entertainment program. At the evening campfire they exchanged the experiences from the water and built new friendships.

In one week they experienced really a lot. They learned the basics of many water sports, tried a race. Tasted an adventurous rafting on the river Ondava. They discovered the beauties of the eastern Slovakia landscape and got acquianted  with different culture.


Thanks to the project and support of the project partners, participants could use modern and high quality windsurfing sets, paddleboards, kayaks and canoes, and so was the joy of sporting multiplied. We really enjoyed the new friendships and a perfect atmosphere during this event. The whole stay was held in the spirit: summer on the water - cool summer.

Organization of this event was not easy. During the planning we had to contend with many issues that came out. Thanks to a great partner, the company Starline, it succeeded.

We thank to all participants for this successful event. We look forward to similar events in Surfclub.

Ďakujeme za podporu Mestu Košice a Slovenskému zväzu jachtingu.

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Supported by a grant from Norway through the Norway Grants.