Cycling Tour Ukraine

Let’s survey Ukrainian Zakarpattia Oblast on bicycle.

Cycle-event in beautiful surrounding of Uzhhorod, trips to vicinity with selectable difficulty levels on mountain bicycles, cozy hotel with full board, transport by bus.

Together with our Ukrainian partners, we decided to organize week-long cycle-event at the Ukrainian Zakarpattia Oblast. There were more reasons why we decided just for cycling. Since the main idea was to get to know as much as possible about Ukraine and experience the atmosphere of the surrounding area, we considered the bicycle journey across the country as an ideal way.

Within the stay, the 32 students from Slovakia and Ukraine daily set out on trips on bicycles to destinations within 80 km. Although the cooler and rainy weather had very far from the adjective "perfect", it was a great experience and a great adventure for all.
Together we rode bicycles through Ukrainian villages, bicycled through Uzhhorod streets, explored surrounding and Zakarpattia Oblast. We also visited a very nice newly built resort Voevodyno.

Students also attended the ukrainian presentation of water sports on the lake near the hotel Dubky where local watermen demonstrated a ride on paddle-boards and gave students the opportunity to try it.  

After sport performances, students had the opportunity to "recharge batteries" in Uzhhorod‘s aqua-park with special pool without chlorine. After a good meal there was a common evening program.

This stay has shown us that Ukraine has great conditions for cycling, here we can see great potential for marking and building new bicycle routes in beautiful countryside. It should only be used!  Great example for Ukrainians but also for us, it might be Hungary and its excellent network and connectivity of maintained cycle-trails. The ideal would be to link neighboring countries with a large European network EuroVelo, thereby comfortable cycle-survey of countries.

Ďakujeme za podporu Mestu Košice a Slovenskému zväzu jachtingu.

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