How it all began

Searching for project partner and first meetings at Uzhhorod University

The theme of the project was clear from the outset. It has long been our vision to bring beautiful water sports and sports in general to youth. Sport at every level has a positive impact, but especially among the youth and students it is a way of social and personal development, self-realization and self-discipline tool. Finally, it is one of the most common methods of mass intercultural communication.

The intention of the project will be implemented on the basis of cooperation between organizations, associations, clubs, public institutions and student and civic initiatives in Eastern Slovakia and Ukraine‘s Zakarpattia Oblast. The basic element of the International partnership youth sport is an integrated regional cooperation between Ukraine and the Slovak Republic in the development of education and sport with regard to the significant value of cultural and natural heritage and their preservation.

Since the aim of the project was from the outset the development of youth and student sports activities in the international context, finding a partner for the project was not lengthy.

We appealed to the largest educational institution in the Zakarpattia Oblast - Uzhhorod University. Our project team, led by Pavol Lopuchovský, arranged the appointment with a management of Uzhhorod University. Already on 14 November 2013 was held the first negotiation at the Uzhhorod University with its councilors, vice-rector of Department for Foreign Relations Oxana Sviežencev and dean of the Department of Sports and Health Olena Dulo.

Slovaks presented the objectives of the project and possibilities of cooperation. They also presented yacht club Akademik of Technical University of Košice and its activities. The Ukrainian side was offered with a cooperation for organization of trainings for students.

This idea impressed the councilors of Uzhhorod University. They were enthused about the
idea of the partnership and immediately expressed interest in cooperation.

Right at the beginning of January 2014 Olena Dulo visited Košice with signed documents - a memorandum, which was the basis of the fact that we can start work on the project to the fullest.

We are very pleased that, with hindsight, we can say that the choice of Uzhhorod University was the right decision and great benefit for a project.

Ďakujeme za podporu Mestu Košice a Slovenskému zväzu jachtingu.

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Supported by a grant from Norway through the Norway Grants.